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Projects Shot

Here is a story of Jarvie Ranch, a tease of a show called '"Ghost Town History" with Ken & Brenda Gallacher" that I have shot edited and produced with Ken Gallacher. The full show can be seen on Amazon prime Video.

Shoot 1/2 day.

Jarvie Ranch
It's Personal

Shot on location in Covington, Georgia, the educators talk about how Edivate Review has helped them become better, more reflective teachers. Walt Winters of Imageworks, also shot with me and it was done in 4K.

Shooting 2 days.

Shot on location in Detroit, Michigan. This music video was of the students at Nolan Elementary/Middle school. Music is "Level Up" by Vienna Tang, inspired by Detroit.

Shot in half a day!!! Please keep that in mind. B-roll was shot over a longer period.

Kids parts shot in 1/2 day. Broll shot over 2 years.

Level Up
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