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Projects Produced

Aspire DVD Tease

This promo was produced for the DVD that was to accompany the book "Aspire, Discovering Your Path through the Power of Words".  The DVD was never actually done, but I remain proud of this piece of work.

Richard & Mary

This a story of Mary Hill and her life with MS. Produced in a "let the people tell the story" it's a great testimony of embracing life despite what has been thrown your way.

1/2 day shooting. 2 days post.

Cummins: Power Your Career

Sam Prigg of White Rabbit Productions shot this video for Cummins for their HD department looking for diesel techs. 

Sam gave me the footage and I put this piece together.

Post including scripting 2.5 days.

Engineering Design Cycle

This piece was aimed at students and teachers as a way to introduce the first step of the engineering design process. Part of the STEM movement in education. 

This was done using Adobe Character animator, which I had never used before. Including time to get puppet right, 7 days.

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