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Explainer/ Landing Page Videos

Explainer videos are popular for their level of visual engagement. Combining images, graphics and text, they are great for explaining concepts and ideas that might not lend themselves to actual production. Landing page video grab the viewers attention quickly to effectively share the message.

A Pathway to Peace

This is a landing page video. It plays as soon as the page loads. Emotion drive my music and text and of course video images.

it's at


This is a teaser/intro to the word Genshai. Genshai is a word from India meaning "Never treat anyone in a way that makes them feel small, including yourself." Introduced in the book Aspire by Kevin Hall 6 years ago, the Genshai website is aimed at bringing people together for good in the world. This video is meant to engage and excite the viewer about the idea.

Built from scratch in 6 days.

Corporate Assistance

A video to play on their website and at conventions. We also did a 30 sec version for specialized use.

Built from scratch in 4 days.

Student-Centered Learning

There are a lot of buzz words in education. A current popular one is "Student-centered learning". After spending 3 years documenting a school improvement program in Detroit, Michigian there was still much confusion about what SCL was. This video was an attempt to set the record straight against misrepresentation and confusion over SCL.

Written, edited and produced by John

Built from scratch in 5 days.

School Improvement Network

This is the history of the company told in a graphic-based way. Features on screen keyed video of the company president telling the story of the company.

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