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Editing Reel

I got a call the other day of someone interested in my editing reel. That’s great but over the course of my long career I have found that editing reels are one of the biggest single disappointments when getting jobs. Now you might say that maybe I’m not that good of an editor!! But what I’ve seen is people have an idea of what they want and if they don’t see THAT… they don’t connect with the idea you could actually do what they want. They are looking for their vieo idea, rather than general ability or expertise.


It’s not unlike looking at a house painter and seeing a house he painted white, when you wanted brown and then saying he can only paint white houses… the client determines what the piece is about. The budget and timeline determines the level of the project and of course the production level determines the level of the project. In the links below I will share projects and try to give context in how all the parts came together.


Your project may be different from everything here… it doesn’t mean I can’t edit it. Please give me a call and we can talk.

Thanks so much for watching.

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