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Brown vs Board of Education: 60th Anniversary

I shot this on location in Topeka, Kansas. Shot on an EX3. Editing and graphics. I created the piece out of interviews done by the executive producer Curtis Linton.

It played at that years Courageous Conversations Summit.

It's Personal

I shot this on location in Covington, Alabama. Shot on an FS5.

This is another example of how building a story with people's own experiences can make a great video.

A Soldier's Tale: The Mormon Battlion

I shot this on location along the Mormon trail in Southern California.

Shot on an EX1. This is a one-man show about the formation, the 2,000 mile march, and the impact of the mormon battalion on the development of the western United States.

Wisdom of Our Years

This is an excerpt of a 36 min. documentary on the black experience in Utah from the 1940's on. Featuring extensive interviews with a variety of black people who lived this experience. It's aim was to preserve this history and honor those that paved the way for the children of today. 

CrossmanDigital was hired by the Utah Afro-American Genealogical society to create this documentary. It won a Utah Arts Council award for best documentary.

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