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Projects: Promotional

Promotional  | Informational

DAE Concert Promo

David Atkins Enterprises does global events around the world including Olympics and world sports competition. 

Recently they found their business expanded to creating concerts with international artists and came to Crossman Post to put together a montage they could show potential clients.

This is one of a series of videos to promote a book by Kevin Hall. Produced, shot, written, and edited by John.

Innovation Summit for Education

This was not so much a promo as a review and explanation of what the EAA in Michigan did and tried to achieve for the students in 15 school that had been in the bottom 5% in terms of student achievement for many years.

Building a new system from scratch, the best practices in education were implemented only to be driven out by politics.

This video spotlights a program the Utah Symphony Guild sponsors to help disadvantaged kids learn the violin.

Shot, produced and edited by Crossman Post.

Game It!

A YouTube video that explains how a new app works.

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