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Powering Your Career

Shot by Sam Prigg at White Rabbit for Cumins. They produced their own piece for their website. I was given the raw footage so I technically produced this version. For their webpage for HR recruitment.

This is a good example of letting people tell their story.

The Alsco Way

Produced by Kathy Weiler of KW Productions and written by Alsco, Crossman Post was hired to shoot and edit this video. This is an example of narrator driven production.

The Bridges of Ozark

This video was scripted with Synergy Group Marketing and created and finished by Crossman Digital Post.

Meant to show potential investors and leaseholders the plans for development right outside of Ozark, Missouri.

While some images were supplied, as a concept the bulk of the images, video, and graphics were supplied by CDP.

This video was created to promote a new release of the main product of School Improvement Network.

It's an example of a graphic-driven video. Other examples are available 

PD 360 Promo

This video was created to promote a new feature of the main product of School Improvement Network.

Another example of letting the people tell their story, I shot this in Georgia on 4K, edited and produced the final result. Executive producer was Curtis Linton