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Many people say they "do video". What does that mean? About anything they want. When we say we do video, we mean professional, broadcast quality, HD or 4K video. We write, we shoot, and we do the post production including graphics and animation.

We can do it all or we can just do the part you need. We started and still love to service corporate communications people who may have a script or an idea and we can help polish it into a piece that will impress their superiors. Click a button to see what we mean.


Graphics mean anything from charts and graphs, to logos and animation and of course titles, lower thirds. We have done prototype work when there were not actual products to show, and we have explained complex ideas and concepts. In short, many companies are using graphics because of the impact they have. Click on a button and take a look at some work.

Show me something you designed


Website work means building websites from scratch. For a large web presence, that requires a lot of planning and looking forward. This website is an example of our work. We have done many sites including some very different sites for educating the public. Click a button to see some examples. We like working in WIX, but can also design in Adobe Muse.


We live in a age where talk is cheaper than ever. The older I get the more I value experience and a track record of being able to pull a project off. I grew up in this business in TV News. No matter what you may think of the current state of the media, the fact remains that every day you had deadlines to hit and stories to tell. When I started this work was much cruder than it is now and many times it might take hours to do the simplest of things we wouldn't even think about today. So the tools have gotten better and cheaper, but the the tools don't make the communication work, people do. If you have people to do the work, but aren't getting the communication you want, maybe I can help, either by training or consulting wth your people to understand what good communication is. 


Once the work is done, it needs to be shown, or delivered. We can help set you up with a YouTube Channel, or other ways of getting your message distrbuted either online or DVD or BlurRay.

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