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There are cooks and there are chefs. There are editors and then there is John Crossman. John does more than edit, he continuously invests in learning, experimenting and pushing the format for a better product.


During the development of an on air campaign for a new television station, John participated from concept to finished product: – an award winning product.


I have worked with John for over 20 years on numerous broadcast and community projects -- promoting sports to kids, and television programs to premiers. He is brilliant, incisive, and a terrific person.


If your product deserves a skilled-hand you want to work with John Crossman.


​ – Chris Barnhurst

Former Director of Marketing and Promotions American Television, KXIV-TV  & Larry H. Miller Communications KJZZ-TV


I have worked with a variety of production and post-production companies for many years.


In my responsibilities as President of KSL TV I also oversaw Video West productions.


There are many out there that are very good. For my money, I go with John Crossman.


He is superb, efficient, creative, stays on budget or better, and will always do whatever it takes to finish the project right.


This guy is good! We will continue to use him for many years to come.

– Steve Lindsley

       CEO USDTV


John Crossman is one of the most accomplished and capable media production professionals I have ever worked with. I have had the pleasure of working closely with him over the last 15 years producing and editing educational media to support K-12 schools worldwide. This has included everything from long-form documentary to PR pieces, short viral videos, and extensive video-based training segments. Simply put, John knows his stuff and he knows how to tell a relevant story that audiences care about. I endorse John and his work fully.


Welcome to Crossman Post Production!
If you find yourself here I hope you are looking for a partner to make your video presentations effective and professional. In this site you will find many examples of different kinds of videos, but if you don't find something like you are exactly thinking of, please contact us and lets talk about what you are looking for. [801.598.7005] There is simply no way to cover all the different kinds of work we have done over the past 35 years and we are always looking to expand our abilities and repertoire. Above are some quick hits for some primary services we provide. Please explore the website and we'd encourage any feedback you might have.
Below are some of the clients I have served in the past.

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